The GATE ‘ Marie Galante and the South Islands ‘ is now on line for our English visitors.

That’s true it is another site to speak about Marie Galante, with classic functions to help the Internet user, the future visitor of our beautiful island, to find the accommodation, the hotel, the holiday cottage which suit him.

There you can in a single link find all the keys for your stay in our island becomes a dreamful aventure: a car rental at the best price, a selection of restaurants or take-out food, the inescapable places, craftsmen
But the ambition of our gate is to offer you much more
– The ambition to offer this kind  of services for all the south Islands, beyond the Marie Galante to propose all-inclusive offers to visit our islands sisters, the as Désirade, the Saintes …



Well, what new today, let see Twitt Marie Galante


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Local Life

To participate to Live on a territory, it also is to be interested in local life. He exists to Marie Galante a lot of people involved in the island, the associations, the craftsmen, the authorities, the structures.

On the portal, we shall try to speak initiatives which allow those who wish it to inquire and to get involved in the life of their section, their municipality and even the links between local authorities.

To us all to return him more successful, to feed him of information, events and addresses.

Settle down

You become established on the territory and wish to be guided in your steps of installation? You need support and advice in your project of creation? Or you have just created your company and better want to know the local market, to promote your activity